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Conveyancing – a Guide to Buying a Property in Queensland

For a comprehensive conveyancing service when you’re ready to buy, turn to Bartels Lawyers. Our team will begin the process with a free initial consultation and work with you every step of the way – from contract reviews to settlement.

We provide tailored advice and expert services that get your deal done. To make buying easy, trust Brisbane’s property law experts at Bartels Lawyers.

Find Your Dream Home – What’s Involved?
There are a range of aspects involved in buying a property – from personal finances to complicated legal contracts. Here are just some important steps to take:

• Set a budget and research properties you can afford
• Conduct building inspections, pest inspections and valuations on any property you are considering
• When you receive a contract, send it to your lawyer
• Finalise your financing applications and mortgage documents
• Complete all the necessary legal forms and documents
• Conduct final inspections before your settlement to ensure the property remains in good condition
• After your purchase is finalised, be sure to collect your keys and connect your utilities

How Bartels Will Help
Our conveyancing process provides comprehensive advice and services for the legal elements of your purchase. These services don’t just provide peace of mind; they can save you time, money and potential complications in the future. We will:

• Review your contract of sale and suggest alterations
• Organise all your forms to sign and ensure they are completed
• Organise searches on the title and communicate the outcomes
• Prepare the title transfer and sign documents on your behalf
• Liaise with lawyers, vendors and your financier on your behalf
• Prepare and review your rates for water, electricity, etc.
• Represent you at the final settlement

Next Steps – Settlement
Property settlement is one of the final steps in the conveyancing process – after which you will legally own your new property. We take care of the whole settlement process for you – lodging and transferring all the necessary documents. You don’t even need to attend.

Before the settlement it’s important to conduct a final round of inspections, called pre-settlement inspections. This ensures that your property is still in the same condition. If you have any last minute concerns, let us know immediately.

As part of the settlement process we will:

• Attend on your behalf
• Lodge all necessary documents and funds
• Pay any duties to the state office
• Lodge all the transfer documents and land titles

After the settlement we will contact you for final confirmation and then you will be the legal owner of a new home!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the definition of settlement?

This is the day on which all parties come together to check and exchange important legal documents and make payments.

What happens after settlement?

After settlement your property is registered with the Lands Title Office where your ownership is formalised.

How long does the conveyancing process take?

We take care of the whole process – working with you from the start of your contract through to settlement. The exact timeframe will differ depending on several factors – including the other parties involved and any complications that emerge.

Do I need legal assistance to buy a property?

While a conveyancing service is not compulsory, it is highly recommended to ensure that your rights are protected and that there are no hidden surprises in your contract or the title of your land.

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