Child Support & Custody

Child Support & Custody

Custody of Your Children – Guiding You on Parenting Matters

Determining living arrangements for your children can make a difficult time easier for your family. While children’s matters are broadly determined under the Family Law Act (1975), every situation is different. We can help you to determine the best outcome for your family through tailored and practical advice and services.

Child Custody and Support in Brisbane – What You Need to Know
If a child custody case progresses to the Courts in Queensland, they will follow a number of guiding principles in making decisions on parenting matters.

One of the most significant of these is ‘Equal Shared Parental Responsibility’, which assumes that parents should share important parenting decisions wherever appropriate. This many also result in shared living time, though this is not presumed. Other things the law is concerned with in decision making include:

• The child’s best interests
• Protecting children, both physically and psychologically
• Encouraging parents to agree on arrangements including living and financial arrangements

Under these circumstances you will generally be required to attend family dispute resolution to try and reach an agreement.

How Bartels Helps
At Bartels Lawyers, we can help you to navigate the many important decisions involved in child custody. Starting with a free initial consultation, your dedicated lawyer will provide continuing support and access.

Not only do we help you understand the process, we help you to take control, with negotiation assistance and the best tailored advice.

Custody of Children – Your Important Questions
For more information about child custody in Brisbane and Queensland in general, you can call us on (07) 3341 2222 or explore our frequently asked questions below.

Do the courts consider a child’s opinion?

The age, maturity and capacity of your child will all play a part into how much their opinion is considered. Generally speaking, older children – aged 15 or 16 – will have more of a say in their living arrangements.

Can grandparents care for children?

Anyone interested in a child’s welfare can make a parenting claim. This includes grandparents and other parties.

What agreements can we make out of court?

Parents who mutually decide on arrangements can make verbal agreements, written agreements or a consent order – written agreements that are signed, witnessed and filed with the courts.

Do I need legal advice if I’m not going to court?
It is still advised that you seek legal advice even if you can make agreements outside of court. It is recommended that you get legal advice about consent orders – for example – before they’re filed with the courts.

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