Probate Law

Probate Law

Assistance with Probate Law

If you are an executor in a will and you need assistance carrying out a loved one’s last wishes, we can help you. Contact Bartels Lawyers today for comprehensive assistance with the probate process.

Probate and Grants
As an executor in someone’s will, you are responsible for carrying out their last wishes. This involves looking after their property or estate, and applying for probate.

Probate is the official recognition of a will’s validity from the Supreme Court of Queensland. Once you receive probate the Courts can supply you with a grant, which gives you the authority to administer the deceased’s estate.

Do I Need Lawyer?
At Bartels Lawyers, we understand that administering a loved one’s estate can be a difficult time. Our aim is to lighten your load by handling the paperwork, legal documentation and questions that often come with this process. If you’re not sure what to do next, we can assist you with:

• Interpreting the will
• Applying for probate
• Contesting and defending wills
• Advising you, and other parties, of their rights and responsibilities
• Liaising with relevant government bodies
• Obtaining valuations
• Carrying out your loved ones wishes
• And more

How to Apply for Probate
Applying for probate in Queensland follows a basic, 5-step process:

1. Advertise your intention to apply for a grant in an approved newspaper and the Queensland Law Reporter
2. Submit a copy of the advertisement to the public trustee
3. Wait 14 days – during this period interested persons can object to your application
4. Prepare your application, including supporting documents
5. File these documents at the Supreme Court

Take the First Steps
Writing a legal will in Brisbane doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is:

If you are an executor of a deceased will and you need assistance, contact our team today. We will guide you through the whole process, including the wording of your advertisement and the details of your probate application.

If you need assistance with contesting or defending a will, we can help you too. We are committed to providing practical solutions that let you focus on the more important things.

More Information About Probate
To learn more about probate law and your responsibilities as an executor, you can contact us today for a free initial consultation. Alternatively, you can explore some of our more frequently asked questions below.

When will the court grant probate?

The court will issue you a grant once they are satisfied that the will is the last will of the person who has died.

Do I always need to apply for probate?

Probate is not always necessary. For example, if the asset is in joint names, it already belongs to the surviving joint owner. Contact our team to find out if you need to apply for probate.

How long will the process take?

You will usually receive a grant around 4 weeks after your application and the court will contact you if there are any complications.

What are an executor’s other responsibilities?

As an executor, you may need to:

• Finalise tax affairs including lodging tax returns
• Advertise for and pay outstanding debts
• Finalise business affairs
• Gather or take control of estate property

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