Selling a Property

Conveyancing – We Make Selling a Property Easy

With more than 30 years of property law expertise, we can take care of all the complicated aspects of your conveyance. Make selling a property safe and simple by meeting an experienced lawyer for an initial consultation. From that point on you will work with the same familiar face, who will protect your legal interests throughout the entire selling process.

What’s Involved in Selling a Property?
There’s more to selling a property than many people consider, and the legal elements are some of the most critical. At Bartels Lawyers, we believe in providing holistic advice, so here are a range of things to consider, from conveyancing to utilities.

1. Consider appointing an agent and decide your method of sale – auction and private sale are two popular options.
2. Consider independent valuations to get a broader idea of your property’s value.
3. Seek legal advice to prepare a contract of sale and conduct necessary searches on the title of your property.
4. Negotiate conditions and prices when you have a buyer, and contact us for advice and contract alterations.
5. As settlement approaches, make the house available for inspections, and organise for the transfer of keys of the disconnection of utilities.
6. Organise moving services if necessary – all belongings should be moved by settlement day.
7. If you work with our team, we will conduct the settlement and the final formal steps, leaving you to celebrate a successful sale!

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?
An experienced conveyancing expert can handle many of the critical elements of selling a home – specifically legal issues related to your contract, your title, negotiations and settlement.

It takes years of legal knowledge to successfully perform these duties, but luckily we can help you with:

• Preparing your contract
• Negotiations and alternations
• Expert advice and direction
• All the forms and documents you will need
• Ordering searches on the title of land
• Liaising with buyers, lawyers and other parties
• Informing you about the outcomes of inspections, finance, special conditions, etc.
• Preparing the settlement and attending on your behalf
• Notifying you of the final pay out

The Settlement Process
After the settlement and some final formalities, you will have successfully sold your property. We will attend the settlement on your behalf, completing all the paperwork, exchanging funds, and finalising the process.

Are You Considering Selling?
If you’re ready to sell your property, or even if you are seriously considering it, you can contact us for advice. Our free initial consultation will establish your relationship with a professional lawyer who can assist with your conveyance when the time is right.

Answering Your Questions
Selling a property doesn’t need to be difficult. You can read some more information about the legal process below or contact us for further enquires.

What is conveyancing for sellers?

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property between parties. For sellers, we manage the legal process by reviewing contracts, ordering searches, handling negotiations, settlement and more. Our comprehensive legal knowledge streamlines the process for you.

What are special conditions?

Special conditions operate alongside the general conditions in your contract of sale. They can specify courses of action in specific circumstances, for example, if a buyer needs to delay settlement. Both buyers and vendors can negotiate special conditions in the contract.

What is a cooling off period?

In some cases, there will be a period after committing to a purchase where buyers can terminate the contract, regardless of the terms of the contract.

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