Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates Lawyers

A Will is a very important document that addresses how your inheritance and assets are distributed after you die. While many people simply write down their wishes in an informal document, family members can contest these decisions before a court. To ensure that your final decision on your property is honoured, it is essential that your Will be prepared by an expert with specialised experience.

What Happens With No Will
If you die without a Will, then your assets will be divided according to the laws of Intestacy. Any property or assets that are remaining after debts have been settled and funeral costs have been paid for will be divided according to these rules. Emphasis for intestacy is placed on familial relations with a preference towards the spouse and/or children.

Preparing a legal Will offers peace of mind to those that are preparing for their passing. It will ensure that the people who are most important to you will be taken care of with your remaining assets.

Changes to Your Will
Your Will can be changed as often as you wish to reflect your changing wishes or property status. Once the initial Will is formalised, it is easier to make adjustments. It is still very important to have not only your original Will, but also any amendments that you might make to be prepared by a professional solicitor.

They are very complex documents that deal with intricate issues, particularly with larger estates. Only a solicitor with specialised experience can ensure to the full legal extent that your property and assets are divided according to your wish.

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