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At Bartel’s Lawyers we are proud of the reputation we have built by providing affordable legal services to our clients and staying committed to delivering the best possible results.

Our free initial consultation means you can gather information about the fees related to your circumstances without being out of pocket. You can then make an informed decision on the best way forward.

If you choose to proceed we will provide you with a fixed fee schedule outlining the costs for each step of the process. If it looks like we will exceed these quoted fees at any point we will ensure you are informed early and provided with options to move forward.

For certain cases, we offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement which means that there is no fee if we do not win your case. This is best suited for individuals that might incur costs while pursuing a potential settlement or a court awarded payout. For example, if you are looking to recover costs for medical bills that were the result of a work-related accident and you do not have the financial ability to pursue your interests in court, a No Win, No Fee arrangement might be the best model for your case.

No Win, No Fee explained

A lawyer will only enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement once they can review the details of your case and have a certain level of confidence that your case is winnable. If the case is won, then the amount that you pay to your lawyer is charged from the money won from the case. Because the lawyer is assuming a much larger burden of risk in a No Win, No Fee situation, they are compensated with a higher comparative fee than if you paid on an hourly basis.

Make sure you go through every point of your agreement with your lawyer, so you can understand all of your obligations and your rights before signing. If you lose your case, it is possible that you will have pay the other party’s legal fees.

The lawyer will not pay this amount for you, but you will not be charged for their time spent on your case. Before you start any case, it’s important that you have a frank and open conversation with your lawyer about the potential costs you may incur if you are unsuccessful in court.

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